i-Lab / Information and Interaction
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researchers 목록

Professor Don D.H. Shin

  • School of Media & Communication, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea, 06974


  • Kyung-Mi Chung
    Haptic Interaction, Interaction Design
    Multimodal Interaction, Design Decision Making, Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Lee, Jong-sik
    Ph.D course / B.A, M.A: Electronic Engineering
    Research area: HCI, HRI, UI, Cognitive Science, Emotion Recognition
  • Kim, Ji-woo
    M.S course / B.A: Media Engineering
    Research area: HCI, UX
  • Kim, Mi-hee
    M.S course / B.A: Consumer Studies
    Research area: online consumer behavior
  • Lee, Hyun-mi
    M.S course / B.A: Korean language and literature
    Research area: HCI, User Experience
  • Kim, Soo-wan
    M.S course / B.A: Business Administration
    Research area: Social Network, Digital Media Contents
  • Jeong, Jaeyeol
    M.S course / B.A: Packaging
    Research area: Consumer Analysis, Experience Journey Map Analysis
  • Choi, myung-goon
    M.S course / B.A: Communication
    Research area: Social Network Analysis , Semantic Web
  • Lee, Jae-yun
    M.S course / B.A: Industrial Design
    Research area: User experience, Interaction design, HCI (Now UX Consultant at Auckland)
  • Kang, Sung-hyun
    M.S course / B.A: Communication, Psychology
    Research area: HCI, Flow experience, Self-disclosure